Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Business

Bowling is a Christmas Eve tradition

Jesus' Birthday

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Grant woke up Christmas Eve not feeling too great but it didn't slow him down. In his words "this was a great Christmas". Of course, he got everything he asked for. We did get snowed in on Christmas Eve at my parent's house. So, we celebrated Christmas at home on the 26th. Thankfully, the boys knew no different. We are so blessed and loved so much that God sent His Son. How overwhelming!

Grant went back to the clinic today to start maintenance. We took Uncle Keith with us to show him around. They both did really well. ;) Grant struggled a little with the accessing of his port. But, nothing really abnormal. He still just has so much anxiety over it. But, after that, things were a breeze. Dr. Heym said his lungs sounded clear despite his pretty severe cold symptons and gave the ok to start treatment. His numbers had actually dropped even without being on any medications for the last 2 weeks, but were still ok as well. His loopy pill really worked well this time and he became very entertaining. His spinal tap went very smoothly without even a peep. Then, he got chemo in his port and he was deaccessed. He didn't even fuss when they pulled the tape off. I was so proud of him. He had a few bouts of nausea this afternoon, but seems to be feeling pretty good. He also started an oral chemo and his steroids tonight.

Please pray that Grant can get rid of his cold, so that he is not battling that along with all of the treatment.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time Off

Grant's visit to the clinic on Monday was very uneventful. Dr. Heym said that his counts had all recovered into the 'normal' range and he looked great. Grant will not have to take any chemo at home or go back to the clinic until Dec. 28th. At that time (exactly 8 months since diagnosis), he will start maintenance. Dr. Heym gave us an end date of August 2012. Yes, it seems so far away, but we know that treatment is not endless!
We made treats for everyone at the clinic and got to deliver them on Monday. Grant was SO excited! He ran around handing everyone their little bag and even gave out a few hugs (very uncharacteristic for Grant). It was fun to watch him be so happy. When we told them all Merry Christmas b/c we wouldn't be back until after Christmas, they all sadly said 'awww'. It is a little sad and crazy that we won't be back for 2 whole weeks! But, we are so excited to be at this stage of treatment. We are also glad that this break aligned with Christmas. He should feel really himself for all of the celebrating.
God's timing is always perfect and His ways are higher than our ways!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Activities

We have been doing all kinds of Christmas-y things this week. We spent one day making treats. Grant loves to make the cookies, but doesn't really like to eat them. Trent has little interest in making the cookies, but loves to eat them. They make quite the team! Grant likes to help in the kitchen and does a pretty good job.

Friday, we got to ride on the North Pole Express in Grapevine. Great Wolf Lodge sponsored the event for sick children. They did a little show and then the kids got to ride on the train. And, of course, Santa made the rounds during the ride. Grant was SO excited about riding the train. He was most excited about getting his ticket. Lucky for us, they gave us souvenir tickets. It was even more special b/c he got to ride with his friend, Meg. She is a few months ahead of Grant in treatment, but they see each other often. They all had a great time.

Tonight, we went to a Christmas parade. The people on the floats were throwing candy, so that's all that mattered. Grant didn't even like most of the candy, but the thrill of running out to get it was too much to pass up. Trent was amazed and sat on the curb waving the whole time.

We are just so glad that Grant is feeling good. He finished up a round of oral chemo at home tonight and will have a few weeks off until after Christmas. Please continue to pray that he will stay healthy and we will be able to be 'home for the holidays'.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Grant's check-up at the clinic went well yesterday. His red blood count responded really well to the blood he got on Friday. His other numbers were a little low, but still ok. He seems to be feeling well. He is finishing up some oral chemo at home this week and then he will have some time off. He was scheduled to start again on the 21st, but, kindly, Dr. Heym said we could wait until the 28th. Yay! No more treatments until after Christmas. He will still be going in at least weekly for blood checks and will receive transfusions as needed. Thank you for your prayers during this intense and difficult phase of treatment. God is good!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Party

Grant did return to the clinic on Friday to receive blood. He has had PLENTY of energy since then. Grant's friend at the the clinic, Cathie (a volunteer), was so sweet to give him the Grinch movie. So, we had a fun night Friday, ordering pizza and watching the Grinch together.
Today we got to go to the Cook Children's hemotology/oncology Christmas party. We went to the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord, which happened to be Grinch-themed. It is 9 degrees inside the exhibit, so they give you giant parkas to wear. There were also ice slides for the boys to go down. Trent did, but then he looked like the kid from The Christmas Story b/c he just laid there on his back until someone stood him up. It was hilarious. Then, we had donuts and hot chocolate and the boys got to decorate a gingerbread man. They definitely ate more candy than they put on the gingerbread man. It was in a large room that only had tables set up in the front part. So, the kids had fun running around (and burning off the candy energy). All of Grant's friends from the clinic were there, including his doctors. It was a lot of fun and we are so thankful for all of the things that are provided for us to do.
Grant will return to the clinic tomorrow for a blood count and to see Dr. Heym.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Staying Busy

If this tells you anything about our week....I know it's been a while since I updated. It just seems like we are always having to do something.
We had a nice, uneventful Thanksgiving....just the way we wanted it. Grant and Daddy left for the hospital about 7:30 and returned home about 11:30. We headed over to my parents' for the rest of the afternoon and a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I actually wanted to blog that day about so many things I am thankful for right now. But, I got too emotional just thinking about it to actually be able to type it out. In short, we know we are blessed!
Grant has gone to the clinic every day this week so far. He goes for his last day of treatment tomorrow. But, depending on his blood counts, may have to go back on Friday for a blood transfusion. His counts have been on the decline and the transfusion is likely.
He had a tough day being accessed on Monday, but he only had to do it once. He just stays accessed all week when we have to go everyday. That night he had a nightmare and was sitting in his bed screaming, "No no, that hurts! Stop!" Heartbreaking!! He also had to get his H1N1 shot today. Not fun! Monday was also interesting b/c Trent went to the doctor and was diagnosed with croup. He has been on a 3 day steriod. Croup is contagious so we are being extra extra careful. I think Grant was a little excited that somebody else was taking medicine.
We are getting so close to maintenance. Grant is taking oral chemo at home. He will go back to the clinic for blood checks for a couple of weeks. Then, when he "makes numbers" again, he will start maintenance.
Grant is very excited about Christmas! We put up our Christmas tree and got the house decorated. He has been playing with his nativity scene endlessly. He puts Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the stable and then lines all the other people up to look at Jesus. So perfect. I can't wait to be in that line!