Monday, November 1, 2010

Back on Track

Grant went for his follow up visit to the clinic today. His ANC has finally recovered to 1180. So, he started back on all of his at-home chemo today. However, Dr. Heym did lower the one he raised before Grant got sick back down to the original amount. Grant will go back for a regularly scheduled visit next Monday.

The clinic had a little Halloween party for the kids today. So, they wore their costumes. Trent was a chicken and Grant....Dr. Heym. It was great! The minute we walked in everyone knew Grant was Dr. Heym. He thought it was really funny that we sprayed his hair black. Dr. Heym was pretty impressed at how accurate we were. He asked to take a picture with him, but Grant would not cooperate. This is just a picture of the boys at home before we went.

They both will get to go to school tomorrow and we are ALL excited about that. Grant has really missed school.