Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We just returned from an amazing trip to Disney World in Florida. A wonderful organization, a Wish With Wings, sent Grant and our family on a wish trip. I could write a really long time telling you about all the fun we had, but I will try to hit some highlights and post lots of pictures. We flew out last Monday and returned Sunday evening. We were picked up at our house and taken to the airport in a limo. The boys were amazed! In Florida, we stayed at Give Kids the World Village, and the name says it all. They provided a 2 bedroom 2 bath villa and all of our meals. They had all kinds of things on the grounds for the kids (playground that was a life-sized Candy Land game, Carousel, Putt-putt, Arcade, heated pools, train). They also had an ice cream parlor that was open all day (all you can eat). That was just Give Kids the World. We also got tickets to all of the parks. We spent 3 days at the Disney parks and 2 days at the Universal parks. Grant & Trent loved roller coasters! It was a really great trip and we all came back exhausted. When we got home, it was chilly and I said I wish I was back in Florida. Grant said, "Me too. I want to stay there until Jesus comes back to get me!" :) Thanks to a Wish With Wings and Give Kids the World!
We did hit the ground running when we got home. Grant had his clinic appointment Monday morning (see previous post). Then there was a fire in our backyard Monday afternoon. No one was hurt, but it burned our back fence and our shed with all of our lawn equipment. That was exciting! Tuesday morning Grant was complaining of sporadic headaches. This can be a side effect from the spinal tap. But, please pray that it is not the beginning of another stroke-like episode. He has not had any headaches today. Thanks for keeping up with us!

It's Christmas every Thursday at GKTW Village. They had a parade, it "snowed" and the kids got gifts from Santa.

This tree snored!

This was our villa.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"They gave me something"

That's what Grant said today at the clinic when he couldn't walk straight. And yes we did! It was the same medicine he had been taking orally to make him loopy, but this time it was a little stronger by IV. It worked much better. He just said 'ow' when Dr. Heym did his back poke (spinal tap) and that was it. He even laughed when the nurse took the bandage off his port. That has never happened. Yay drugs!
His counts were still too high today. So, his chemo is going up again. This is the 3rd month in a row that we have increased chemos. He has had some tummy issues this evening and has been very weepy. He didn't start his steroids until tonight, so we may have a very teary week ahead.