Monday, February 14, 2011

Handsome Boys

Just wanted to share our handsome boys.....

They just got much-needed haircuts. It's really shown how thin Grant's is getting. Hopefully, it won't all fall out. He randomly told me today that he likes it with no hair. I don't know if he's just mentally preparing himself for that or what.
Please pray that Grant will stay healthy. He's had a couple of nose bleeds in the last 2 days. Anything abnormal causes me to worry. We are going to Disney soon for his Wish trip and we would much rather be there than the hospital. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steroids & Snow Days

Wow, what a combination. :) Thankfully, Grant made his scheduled appointment on Monday before the bad weather got here. It was a relatively good visit. We were in and out in an hour and that's always good. The nurses ask me some routine questions when we are there. I give pretty routine answers. But on Monday, they kept asking me if he had gotten all of his doses of medicine or if he had missed some. After about the 3rd time, I suspected something was wrong. So when we got in the exam room and Dr. Heym asked me again, I just asked him what was wrong. He said that Grant's counts were staying very elevated. He did not have any kind of infection and they were trying to rule out reasons this may be happening. The end result for Grant: More Chemo. They had already increased one of them a couple months ago and this time they increased a different one. He will also have to increase his steroid dose next time, but Dr. Heym said he would spare us two increases in one visit. Thank goodness, since we've been stuck in the house all week.

Grant has actually done really well and we've had some fun in the snow. There are definitely signs that things have been harder on him this week. And moms like to worry, so that's what I do. ;) Overall, we are excited to be finished with the steroids today and have temperatures above freezing.

We did venture out to the FW Stock Show on Wed. b/c we had tickets to the rodeo. It was cold! The boys loved it and have been riding bucking horses at home. Hope you all have stayed warm.