Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling Good

Grant has been feeling good and doing all the things he likes to do. We made it out to the FW Stock Show & Rodeo parade on Saturday. It was pretty cold, but the boys always have a good time. And today was Wild & Wacky day at school for Grant. He had a little trouble thinking outside the box at first, but then he really got on board with it. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Another Clinic Visit

Well, you can see time has gotten away from me. We enjoyed spending the holidays with family and friends. We made a trip to OKC, went bowling, saw Yogi Bear, made Jesus a birthday cake, enjoyed gifts (of course) and ate...a lot... to name a few things we were able to do. We are blessed! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and start to your New Year.
Grant had a clinic visit yesterday. He made a big fuss about things this time too. I'm not sure why we seem to have gone backward in this process. But, the deal was that he could scream and cry, but he had to sit still for the nurses to do what they needed to do. And he did do that....screamed and cried, but sat still. He got the chemo in his port and started up his steroids yesterday. We just never know what to expect from the steroids. We know it's going to change his behavior. We just don't know what it's going to change it to from day to day.

He doesn't let any of it keep him down though. I'm so proud of him. Love you buddy!