Monday, January 25, 2010

Return to the Clinic

Grant went to the clinic today for his monthly visit. He had a really hard time with putting on his numbing cream and getting his port accessed. It was almost like he forgot what we do at the clinic. The kid has a mind like a steel trap, so I think he chooses to not think about it and block it out. After that he did really well. He got a great report from Dr. Heym and did everything that was asked of him - cheerfully. All of his blood counts looked really good too.
Grant started his 5 days of steroids today and is continuing with all of his other medications. He took some pills at the clinic today and no one could believe how well he did it b/c he puts up such a fight over the accessing of his port. We've decided that it's just the one thing he's chosen to take a stand on. And that's OK....but he still has to do it. ;) Everyone at the clinic commented about how great Grant looked...and that his hair is coming back...again.
Right now, our concern is that Trent seems to have a cold. He is feeling pretty terrible and not getting much sleep. We just hope that he can recover quickly and the rest of us can stay healthy.
Several of you have been concerned and contacted us regarding the news reports about benzene in the air causing leukemia. We have presented this information to Grant's doctor and he has assured us that Grant's case is completely random. Many organizations, including Cook Children's, are continuing to study the effects of benzene in the air and we will be involved in anything that could prevent other families from facing a leukemia diagnosis.
We know that your prayers have been the most important part of Grant's treatment and ask that you continue praying as we travel this road.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So Far So Good

Well, this has been an exciting month so far. We are all beginning to get back to some of the things we were doing before Grant got sick. None more excited than Grant.
The first time we went back to church, he told Trent over and over the whole way that "we are going to church". He couldn't sit still in his seat. He had a blast and talked about it for the rest of the day.
Last week, Grant & Trent got to return to Mother's Day Out one day a week. Grant had everything planned out days before we went, including what he AND Trent were going to take for lunch. When we walked in the door, he heard the kids playing. He said, "Mom, I hear all of my friends!" There is no way to capture the excitement and joy in his voice in this blog. It made me cry!
The boys also got to return to music class at TCU. This is the same class they did before with other cancer patients. They really love it and this time it will be 16 weeks long. Rudy & I participate too and we are all looking forward to a fun semester.
Trent is doing very well adjusting to all of these "new" things. He even took his nap on his nap mat for the first time.
We are still being very careful and using a lot of hand sanitizer. This all stresses me out a bit, but to see the joy on Grant's face makes it worth it. Grant goes back to the clinic next Monday.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Go Cowboys!

Grant has been a good fan today. He didn't even take off his helmet to eat lunch. Hope they win!
He seems to be feeling pretty good. It's amazing how well a 3 year old can take pills. I know some adults that wouldn't do as well. ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maintenance Schedule

Grant finished his 5 days of steroids this morning. His dosing is much less than it was during previous phases of treatment. However, he has gotten the munchies and cravings in the last couple of days. He seems to be feeling pretty good the majority of the time. He has a few bouts of nausea and fatigue throughout the day. He will return to the clinic on Jan. 25th.
The maintenance phase will continue for the remainder of treatment. It is a 12 week schedule that repeats over and over. On the first day, he will go to the clinic for a spinal tap and chemo in his port. He will also begin 5 days of steroids. He will take an oral chemo every night and another one once a week. He will continue to take an antibiotic to prevent infection 3 days a week. And he will take a couple of other drugs to help lessen and treat side effects. He will go the the clinic every 4 weeks for chemo in his port and blood checks.
We are very excited to be in this phase of treatment. But, as you can see, Grant is still having to deal with a lot going on in his body. Of course we know that he will handle it like a champ. Thank you for your continued prayers. God is good and continues to take care of all of us and provide for us in miraculous ways.