Thursday, October 20, 2011

Light the Night is here!

If you plan to walk with us, don't forget to sign up on our team's page.
What to expect the night of the Walk:
5:30 Registration & Festivities Begin
6:45 Balloon Lighting Ceremony
7:00 Walk Begins
*Restaraunts will have the Rangers game on! Go Rangers!!!
The walk is located in the West 7th District of Fort Worth on Crockett St. between Currie & Norwood. There are parking garages on the north & south sides of Crockett.
We are looking forward to another great night. Hope you can join us!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Check up

Grant had his regular clinic visit on Monday (sorry for the late update). All of his counts were good....too good. Dr. Heym raised both of his oral chemos. He also got his chemo in his port and started steroids. It was pretty routine and uneventful until it was time for the flu shot. He actually jumped off the bed and ran for the door. It took 4 of us to give him a flu shot! Grant will go back to get his counts checked next Monday since we increased chemos.
On Tuesday, after all this medication, Grant came home talking about getting to change tables at school (for the end of the 6 weeks). He named the other 3 kids at his table. And then, very casually, he told me that one of them had thrown up all over her desk and gone home from school that day. Super! Of all the kids to be at his new table......
God just keeps protecting Grant. Thank you for all your prayers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank you again Cook Children's

Today, Christie, one of the Child Life Specialists at Cook Children's, came to Grant's school to do a presentation with the entire kindergarten class. She talked to them about leukemia and what that means for Grant. She told them some of the things Grant has to do b/c he is trying to keep the leukemia away. She told them that he has to take lots of medicine that might not make him feel well, that he may have to miss school, or he may have to wear a mask to school. She also brought a doll that has a port like Grant's to show them. Most importantly, she told them that Grant did not do anything to get leukemia, he can not give it to them, and he just wants to be treated like everybody else. It is so wonderful to have a resource like this to advocate for your child. I'm crying as I write this b/c I am so thankful that Grant can go to school and be treated like everyone else, despite all he goes through behind the scenes. I also want to thank his teachers and administrators for being so cooperative in doing everything they can to help Grant (and me).
p.s. Grant told me when I picked him up from school that about 6 of his friends asked to touch his port. He let them touch it on top of his shirt. It's pretty cool to be the only guy with a port. :)