Friday, November 11, 2011

Picture Update

Baseball, Halloween, & Gymnastics, Oh My! Just thought I would post some pictures of what's been going on.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yay! No Bandage!

Grant had his regular clinic visit on Monday. I was a little anxious b/c he had battled a low fever over the weekend. He is suffering with congestion and a bad cough. His counts were actually high, too high. But, Dr. Heym did not raise any of his chemos. We will return in 4 weeks for his next visit, which will include a spinal tap, and reevaluate at that time. Dr. Heym seems puzzled that his counts continue to stay high when he is trying to bring them down.
Grant had a great visit and everything went smoothly. It's the little things that really count. Grant's least favorite thing about getting his port accessed is the bandage that they put on it, only to take it off a short time later. It really sticks to some sensitive skin on his chest. Dr. Heym was standing there while we were discussing the best bandage to use for Grant. He stepped in and said not to access him until his chemo was ready and then he could just go without a bandage. He examined him right then and got the chemo ordered. It seems like no big deal, but was so much easier on Grant, even though he has been doing great either way. We just appreciate Dr. Heym so much and the way he knows Grant and even Trent and the rest of our family. They really try to do what is best for Grant in every sense of the word.