Friday, July 30, 2010

Grant Memorizes the Bible

Grant has done a really great job memorizing his Bible verses and the New Testament books of the Bible. Here is a sample....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Day at the Clinic

Today's visit to the clinic went very smoothly. We were silly this morning putting on cream so that went well. Then, Grant started to get worked up right before the nurse was going to access his port. I just reminded him that he could fuss if he didn't like it, but he still had to sit still. He calmed down and it was over. He always likes to help the nurse put his blood in the test tubes.
Dr. Heym checked him out and said he looked great. His counts were back up, but we still did not have to increase his doses. We will most likely have to next time.
Grant started his steroids this morning. Unfortunately, the weepiness has already started. And, he has already been eating more than normal. So he may eat everything we have in the next week. :)
My Granny is having a procedure tomorrow to put a filter in her veins b/c she has developed a very large blood clot in her leg. She can not have blood thinners to treat it b/c of her head injury. She is going to be in pain for several months waiting for this to resolve itself.
We covet your prayers for Grant and Granny and the whole family. We are so thankful that we have so many prayer warriors out there praying for us. God is Good!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Granny Update

Just a little update on Granny...She has been at an LTAC (long-term acute care) center for the last 2 weeks. She has been moved out of the ICU there and is doing great. They have removed her trach and she is no longer using her feeding tube. She is doing great with her physical therapy and is getting stronger everyday. They are hoping to release her to go home sometime next week. Please continue to pray for her full recovery.
Grant and Trent have been going to visit her a couple times a week. They ask me every day but it is not a very kid-friendly place. :) Grant had to wear a mask the first few times. He doesn't really need to now, but he insists that he does. When all the family was here last weekend, all the little cousins thought it was cool that Grant looked like a doctor. They wanted masks too!
Grant returns to the clinic on Monday for his routine chemo.